Monday, May 25, 2009

It's a holiday in Ghana, too

There was no school today! Apparently, it’s African Union Day, a public holiday. No one knew this until Friday morning. So, I decided on Friday afternoon to spend my 3-day weekend traveling. It was great! I’ll write more about it in detail when I have the chance, but for now, let me just say one thing I did...

This morning, when I woke up, I went outside with a bag of bananas. I stood next to a tree and held the banana up, close to the branches. Little monkeys came out of the tree, peeled each banana as I held it, and ate it.

It was incredible! Pictures and details to follow!


David said...

Diary Of A Monkey, Day 1:Today a strange pale person held out a banana for me. I don't know why. Is this somehow an exercise in gaining my trust in order to capture me and make me perform tricks in a circus? That is what happened to my cousin Gilbert. He makes good wages I suppose (15 bananas a day), but I prefer to live free in the trees. I don't understand who that pale person was. What happened to her to make her pale? Did her skin fall off?

DeeDee said...

Davey, you crack me up!