Monday, May 11, 2009

A brand new experience!

Today I did something that I’ve NEVER done before. It’s something that I never in a million years pictured myself doing.

I woke up early, at about ten to five, and – ready for this? – went jogging!!!

Me, yes, ME, Kate Deaton, on the streets of Haatso at 5:05 AM with my iPod, jogging! Do you have any idea how groundbreaking that is? First of all, I hate getting up early, and secondly, I hate jogging. What on earth, then, could prompt me to do something so ridiculous?

I’m not sure why, but I wanted to go. I know I never would have done it if I really didn’t want to. Some strange, uncharacteristic impulse made me do it. For 23 years, I’ve never had the slightest desire to something so crazy, but today it was there. Perhaps the deeper reason is that I’m very determined to become chingalingy (slim) before I come home. I’m feeling a little obolo (fat) right now. Or maybe a girl who is stupid enough to sit on a live crocodile is also stupid enough to wake up while it’s still dark outside just to exercise.

It was cool and lovely and quiet at 5:05. Since it was my first time jogging since, well, ever, I couldn’t jog the entire time, but for my first time, I thought I did pretty well. The moon was out, and the stars, and I watched the sunrise as I jogged/walked. You should have seen that sunrise with your own eyes... it was beautiful. I was out for 40 minutes or so. I came back, took a shower, and felt really great.

Just when I think I know myself... I really am full of surprises, am I not?

I just realized how weird a word that is, jogging. Think about it. Jogging.


David said...

In morning twilight,
While all sleep as logs,
A young obruni
Smiles as she jogs.

Justin Rowland said...

Jogging?! That's very AMERICAN of you, Kate! I've been doing it for the past six months and I now find it very enjoyable.

I'm so glad you're having a blast.

Laura said...

yay kate! hahahhah.
omgggg. guess what? a few years ago i would take a word and say it over and over again until i thought it was a silly word and forgot what it meant. Especially the word 'bird'! hahaha. my family still makes fun of me for it! guess im not SO weird...