Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine's Day

I have Valentine’s Day plans! :) Oh, but not exactly the romantic kind.

Apparently, Fred’s cousin just came back from America and is dying to meet me, so Fred made plans to take me to her house to spend the day with her. She called me this afternoon, demanding to know when she could meet me. I laughed and assured her that she’d see me on Saturday, and she seemed quite pleased about it.

In the morning, however, we’re going to an engagement ceremony! One of Fred’s friends (who is also named Kate!) is having a real Ghanaian engagement ceremony on Saturday morning, and how could I refuse an invitation to witness a Valentine’s Day engagement ceremony?

After the ceremony, we’ll go out with his cousin. Wonderful!

So, it’s my 22nd Valentine’s Day without a Valentine... but that has never bothered me much. Last Valentine’s Day, I was at a job interview in Los Angeles. The Valentine’s Day before that, I was in Paris, completely amoureuse of life! I spent the Valentine’s Day before that drinking wine with my girlfriends. Who needs a Valentine to be happy? Not me!

Who knows? Maybe next Valentine’s day I’ll have a date and roses and chocolate and all that jazz, and that would be nice, but if not, who cares? Valentine’s Day = Celebrate Being Single Day!


Yenifer said...

Don't worry Kate, V-day is an overrated hallmark day!!...i've always celebrated it with friends i love!!!

i will be going to mt best friends wedding this V-day, and i plan to have alot of funnnnnn, just like you!!!!!

David said...

On a Valentine's Day in Ghana
I married a rich iguana:
Her blood ran so cold
That I stole all her gold
And eloped to sea with a piranha.

JMJDave said...

gee Kate, *sniff*, I always thought I was your Valentine for at least the first 10 years or so :'(

DeeDee said...

Have a happy Valentine's Day Kate! It sounds like you have some wonderful plans, so just enjoy the day!