Thursday, February 12, 2009

Home Alone

Yesterday, Sister Dorothy came to my classroom to say goodbye. I had no idea she was about to leave! She’s traveling until Sunday, I think, which normally wouldn’t be a big deal, except that now I’m basically alone in the house with Sister Suzy.

I feel like a kid who is left alone at the house under the care of the evil babysitter!

Well, Suzy is not evil. But she doesn’t make a very good babysitter.

Last night wasn’t so bad, however. I stopped by the internet café and by the time I came back to the house, it was 7:30 and Suzy had already finished eating. I ate alone. Just as I finished my meal, I received a long distance phone call from West Hollywood that completely made my day! :)

My word! What kind of life do I live? How on earth did I end up living in a convent? My life is SO strange. Who does that? I mean, seriously! Who just randomly moves into a convent? In Africa?

I wanted an unusual life, a life of adventure, a challenging experience. I guess I have what I asked for!

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