Friday, April 10, 2009


Vacation started yesterday! I slept in yesterday and today... how glorious! I was sad to say goodbye to my students on Wednesday, though. I found out that the vacation lasts for three-and-a-half weeks! School doesn’t reopen until 4th May!

Since we’ll have such a long break, I’ve decided I have time to stay around and relax before setting off for my safari. There is no need to rush. I’m using this time to relax, to catch up on the correspondence I’ve been neglecting for the past few busy weeks, and to research where I want to go when I travel. I definitely want to see an elephant in the wild! That’s like my number one objective. I also hope to visit the monkey sanctuary and the place where you can sit on the back of a crocodile. That’s all in the north. I think I’ll have time to travel down the coast to Cape Coast, where they have castles and beaches and the “Canopy Walk” at Kakum National Park, which is a suspension bridge high above the jungle that you can walk across. There’s so much to see!

I’ll stay around Haatso for Easter. On Monday, apparently Ghanaians will have picnics celebrating Easter, and since I love picnics, I’ll stay around for that. On Tuesday morning, the parents and some of the students will come to the school to pick up their reports. If I can plan where I want to go by then, I’ll leave on Wednesday for my adventure. That’s the plan, anyway! Hopefully soon my blogs will soon be filled with elephants, monkeys, crocodiles, castles, and canopy walks. :)

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