Sunday, November 2, 2008

My friend Fred

I have a Ghanian friend named Fred. He is the cousin of Sister Juliana, and I first met him when I went with her to visit her uncle one Sunday afternoon. He said he would like to show me around Ghana. Yesterday, he called Sister Juliana’s cell phone and said he wanted to hang out with me.

I took a tro-tro by myself to Lapaz, where Fred met me. We took a cab to his place of work, and he showed me around. Then we picked up some Ghanian fast food (fried rice and chicken), and went to his house to hang out.

I’m really happy to have a friend here! I have a feeling that Fred and I will become good friends. We have different personalities, but I think our differences compliment each other quite nicely. From what I know about him, I’d guess he is a Rational Mastermind, a personality type that gets along exceptionally well with my Idealist Champion temperament. (See if you’re interested in learning more about personality types). Also, I’m really happy to have a friend named Fred. It reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. If I’m ever feeling in an Audrey Hepburn mood, I’ll call him “Fred-baby.”

Fred promised to buy me a cell phone, which also makes me very happy! I’m so lucky. I have a Rational Mastermind, cell-phone-giving friend named “Fred-baby”... what more could I want in life?

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